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How to start freelancing as content writer?


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If you’re a content writer, freelancing is your answer to making more money and creating more professional opportunities. Freelance content can be written in articles, slideshows, blog posts, press releases, and much more! You can find the perfect freelance job for yourself on UpWork or MediaBistro. If you’re looking for some other options that are better suited to your skills?

Monster’s career site can help you build a portfolio for students and recent graduates seeking careers in writing and marketing. The site even has an advanced search function that filters through thousands of jobs. Just enter your up-to-date skillset into the job category filter on www.monster.com to get the gigs that are right for you.

There’s a large difference between writing a blog post and an article. Blog posts tend to have more of an informal and conversational tone, with thoughts about the current situation, while articles can be more professional and formal. If you want to get into this market, it’s important that you know how to do both. That’s why it makes sense to train yourself in both.

For example, if you’re interested in writing an article for a website or newsletter, try putting together a blog post first. Put your thoughts on paper first so that they’re clean and organized before moving on to the actual writing of the article. Before you apply content marketing strategies you must know difference between planning and execution. 

Advertising is often the main source of income for writers. Here are some tips and ideas to attract the right advertisers and promote your services:

1. Assemble a portfolio of your best work using Scribd, Google Docs, or Flickr to create a showcase of your work that stands out from the crowd. Be sure to include testimonials from clients and build a professional profile that highlights your education and experience.

2. Expand your knowledge about advertising, marketing, branding, and PR on sites like Forbes Business 2 Community.

3. Find a way to connect with potential clients, like commenting on their blog or making helpful comments on Twitter or LinkedIn. Watch for opportunities to network with people in the industry.

4. Join a freelancer network like Guru or Authentic Jobs to find more opportunities.

5. Find out what the latest trends and industry news are by reading the trade magazines, like AdWeek or AdAge, or blogs about advertising like AdFreak. By being aware of what’s going on in your field, you can expand your expertise and create new business opportunities.

6. Be sure to join a professional organization for content writers like the Association of Business Communication, PRSA, or IABC.

If you’re interested in writing for blogs and websites that cover news topics, it’s important that you learn about maintaining editorial independence. Some content writers write for sites that they don’t agree with or support a certain issue.

There are also companies out there that pay people to write positive reviews about their products and services. Having an editorial point of view will help you stay objective and develop your own voice.

Use your knowledge and ideas to create new content marketing strategies for your company. Here are some suggestions:

 1. Create a complete online presence that connects with potential clients. Use social media sites like Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter to build up your online visibility and become part of a thriving online community. You can also use Google+, SlideShare, or YouTube to share content and present yourself as an expert in your field through presentations, webinars, or video interviews.

2. Create video testimonials and company news to post on your site. Videos can show off the company’s culture and values in a more personal manner than traditional content.

3. Subscribe to sites like Alltop, DZone, or Inbound for up-to-date news about content marketing. These sites bring together important articles, blogs, and videos from around the web into one place, so you can learn about new trends while you do other work.

4. Be sure to use metadata tags on your websites like keywords or key phrases that are important for search engines, so potential clients can find you online.

5. Use blogs and sites like HubSpot to create new content. Blogs are a great way to promote your company because they’re often syndicated on other sites or shared in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

6.  Find out what’s trending in your industry through the Twitter list at TweetStream. Then post to these lists on a schedule with the appropriate content for your company.

Many start their career as freelancers but they choose affiliate marketing as a side source of income.

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