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Do you want to write content 10x faster? (ShortlyAI Review)


ShortlyAI Review

If you want to write content like blogs, articles, stories..etc 10x faster? then you need to know about ShortlyAI. Therefore, In this article we will be discussing about ShortlyAI. Here you will find everything about ShortlyAI and how great works are made within no time.

What is ShortlyAI ?

ShortlyAi is used to write articles and stories by generating text by itself like an AI (Artificial intelligence). It will help to design the article or stories with auto generated texts. It will generate texts with an amazing and eye opening performance. 

I’ve seen many other AI writing tools for content writers but there are many grammatical mistakes in the texts and in some cases designs were not good like sentence formations and many others. Whereas ShortlyAI works like a content assistant for us mainly to generate articles or to write stories.

Top Six Features of ShortlyAI:

ShortlyAI has tons of features. It has so many features mainly it will be helpful for content writers like me. Here are some important features of ShortlyAI:  

1. Easy to use UI:

ShortlyAI has a very simple user interface in its nature. You write freely and easily using this tool you can almost write anything you need. You’ll be having sidebars on the right side and tools on the left side. It makes people happy while writing with the word processor style. 

2. ‘Write for me’ mode :

ShortlyAI has ‘write for me’ mode which the AI will generate the text by itself, and if you don’t like what it is written you can simply click undo and you can regenerate again. You’ll be having a small slider where you are able to adjust it as much as you want the text to be generated.

3. Friendly Article Brief:

While you are generating texts in ShortlyAI, you can add an article brief on the left side. The article brief will give some more content to AI which will work to produce better outputs.

4. Original Results:

The best thing about ShortlyAI is it generates original text (as we write) and there won’t be any plagiarism checkers in the texts that are generated by ShortlyAI.

5. Text Length Optimization: 

One thing you need to know about ShortlyAI editor, that you can change the amount of text that is required to be generated each time by clicking the ‘write for me’ option that is available on the left side. If you feel that output text wasn’t good then you are able to change output length which helps the AI to generate better text than usual. 

6. ShortlyAI Text Commands:

ShortlyAI doesn’t have any writing functions like menus, It has inserted or implemented these text commands. Sometimes you might have good control over these AI writes. While using this command you can have certain keywords that help AI should or should not use it.

Here is a list of the available slash commands:

  • /instruct [instructions] – Use to give instructions on what the AI should write next. (e.g. /instruct [write about…]). Shortcut: ⌘ + Enter
  • /rewrite [text] – Rewrites the selected text in a unique way. (max 160 characters). Shortcut: ⌘ + P
  • /shorten [text] – Shortens the selected text to make it more concise. (max 200 characters). Shortcut: ⌘ + [
  • /expand [text] – Extends and develops the selected text. (max 120 characters). Shortcut: ⌘ + ]

How it works

After writing the information which you wanted to be generated including title and background information or articles brief box click on ‘write for me’ button then your AI starts reading the text you gave and it generates the predicted texts for you. This is a simple process but you must know that the information by you will be influenced by AI then it generates texts.

Therefore, ShortlyAI has a limit to see how much of your writing can be seen at one time. When you write more than 1200 words then AI can see only the last 1200 words, the title and the background information or articles brief box.

Things that make you love ShortlyAI:

Quality of content:

It is quite amazing that even though there are some similar tools like ShortlyAI but none of them matches the quality level as that of ShortlyAI generates. This helps me a lot by saving time by creating high quality original content within seconds.

Good Value:

For such a low monthly price, ShortlyAI provides unlimited content creations whereas its competitors provide either limited content generation or having higher price. Especially, in providing value it outshines its competitors.

Easy to use:

The UI and environment of ShortlyAI is very simple and clean. It doesn’t have any complex settings that you need to know. Within a couple of minutes, you will get to know how to use it.

So Should You Subscribe to ShortlyAI?

I have been using ShortlyAI for 4 months, this by far the best AI tool that I have used till now for content generation. I purchased an annual plan which costs 65$ per month, I find every penny worth it. It not only makes creating content easier and faster. Sometimes I have to create content on some technical stuff that I am not familiar with, ShortlyAI makes it quite easier for me.

For just 65$ a month, it provides a great amount of value with unlimited use. For writing articles or blog posts, ShortlyAI is the best tool.

You can have a free trial by clicking on the button below, I am sure you will be amazed with the results.