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Is lead generation part of digital marketing?


Regardless of whether you are a new business or already well established, digital marketing is an integral part of securing the future growth of your brand. 

Lead generation is the marketing activity designed to generate qualified leads, which in turn can be used by sales and customer service teams to nurture existing customers and find new ones. 

In this article, we will delve into how lead generation is part of digital marketing as well as give you some best practices for successful lead generation.

Why bother with a blog post about lead generation?

Because it is crucial for businesses to have an effective method for generating leads.

If your lead generation campaign is not working, then you won’t be able to meet potential customers where they want to be found and convert them into clients.

Lead generation is an ongoing process that can be quite complex depending on your situation. You will need to keep a close eye on your analytics and learn from what is working, as well as what isn’t.   

Also, if you’re looking to improve upon your current processes, it is important that you have a good understanding of the different techniques available such as content marketing vs advertising vs social media.

These are just some of the reasons why you should invest time in learning more about digital marketing so that you can achieve success with lead generation tactics.

The Importance of Lead Generation

Lead generation can be a complex process, but it is absolutely vital for the success of any business, regardless of size or industry. 

That being said, lead generation is a fairly commonly misunderstood activity and many people are surprised to hear that it is part of digital marketing and not just an aspect of traditional marketing.  

Not all leads are created equal, but every lead has potential value for businesses and this makes the entire process seem more intimidating than it needs to be because people feel like they are expected to generate leads in ever-increasing numbers. 

However, in order to attract prospective clients and customers, you need to be focused on quality over quantity.

Lead generation can be a bit confusing especially for new business owners who may not have a clear understanding about how the process is important to achieving overall success. 

It has been estimated that lead generation activities account for anywhere between 20-40% of revenue generation efforts by most companies, but it really varies based on industry and type of business. 

This statistic means that lead generation is vital because it works as an entry point into all sales-related activities.

If you want your business to grow, then you will need to generate leads and the better those leads are, the more successful your marketing campaign will be.

Lead Generation Benefits

There are a number of benefits that come with lead generation, but the main benefit is that it allows an organization to establish good relationships with potential clients by providing them with helpful and relevant information. 

The more opportunities that you give your potential customers to interact with you, the more likely they will be to form a positive association with your brand.

Lead generation tactics work because they are not pushy and offer value in the form of relevant content or resources. 

This approach is appealing because potential customers know what they’re getting up front, there is no false expectation created which helps build trust between your business and the prospect.

The best thing about creating relationships with potential clients is the fact that they will come back to you when they need your products or services. 

With lead generation, you are essentially creating a foundation for long term success and it is important to remember this when evaluating your efforts.

When people are interested in your products or services, you want to make sure that they feel like you have a product that is relevant to them as well as a company that can deliver on the promise of delivering consistent value and service. 

This is why it is so important to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to generating leads.

Lead Generation vs Lead Nurturing

Before we go any further, it would be helpful if you have a basic understanding of the difference between lead generation and lead nurturing. 

Considering that they are both parts of digital marketing and can seem similar, it is worth understanding the nuances within these activities to improve your overall results.

Lead generation is an activity that qualifies leads based on their degree of interest in a product or service. This means that lead qualification is the process by which a potential customer’s interest level in your business or product is measured and acted upon accordingly. 

Qualifying leads is an important part of lead generation because you want to be sure that the leads that you are working to convert have a high likelihood of turning into customers.

Lead nurturing is the process of creating a rapport with your potential customer and making sure that they feel confident in your product or service. After you have generated leads, it is important to follow up with potential customers in order to nurture their interest in your business.

You can do this by providing them with relevant content, or by following up on specific items highlighted during previous conversations about what their needs are and how your company can help them.

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