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How is Meta changing Facebook Ads targeting for 2022?

How is Meta changing Facebook Ads targeting for 2022?

As Facebook prepares for their new ads targeting system, which is set to come into affect in 2022, they are offering a free course on how to prepare for the changes and how it will impact your business.

Most people don’t realize that there is quite a bit of information about the new changes and it can be overwhelming when you first start looking. There are over 70 videos so make sure to take a look before you start planning your Facebook ads.

The course starts off with a little background information about why this change has been implemented and what type of ads you might be seeing. In part two of the course they tell everyone why they should care about these changes as well as what the goal is behind this change.

Part two is all about the changes that Facebook has planned for how their ads are scored on performance. You will learn how to measure your success before you start spending money on ads and how to use the information that they score you on to fix any issues with your ads or targeting.

You can also get an idea of what type of targeting might work best for your business and what might not work as well.

Part three is about designing better campaigns for the new advertising platform. This part goes into great detail about who might be a good target for your ad and what platforms you should be using to reach those people. Not every ad will be targeting the same people, so it’s nice to know which ones will work best and which ones you want to stay away from.

Although you can find all of the information in these videos on Facebook’s own site and look them up yourself, this free course gives it all right here with a nice clean presentation and easy to understand audio. You don’t need any prior knowledge or special training to watch this and have a good understanding of how the new ads might impact your business.

This is a great way for you as an advertiser to get ready for the new changes and make sure that you are on top of everything before they start rolling out in 2022.

You have a couple years to prepare for this, but if you are an advertiser, you are going to want to know everything that could possibly be changing and how it will impact your business. Take a look at these videos and make sure that you are prepared before the new platform comes into play.

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