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How does content marketing generate leads?


Content, Content, Content …. you might be hearing this word for a long time but What does it actually mean in this Digital World? Content can be anything that provides you with information like a blog, social media post, podcasts, videos or it can also be user comments on forums or websites like Quora. It provides information to people who are searching for it.

If you want to run your business successfully, you need to make a good number of sales and generate more revenue. To make sales, you need to have more leads. So, what are these leads and How are they different from customers?

Leads are nothing but people who can be your potential customers (but not customers). For Example, Tom has a bakery nearby a school. All the students of that school are his potential customers i.e., leads. This is because when students go home after their school, it is more likely that they might buy something to eat from the bakery. Of course, not everyone will buy. Those who buy from Tom’s bakery becomes his customers i.e., leads converted to customers.

To generate leads we need to have lead magnets. So, what are these lead magnets? Lead magnets are used to capture leads with an irresistible offer that is either free or of low cost in exchange for their information like email Id or phone number.

How to generate leads through content marketing:

If I say content generates leads for your business, you might wonder how can a post or blog make people get interested to buy your product. It is very simple; people always search for solutions for their problems on the internet. If you can provide solutions to their problems in the form of content on your blog or social media, they gain trust in you. This trust in you makes them a lead. When you create relevant content with good information geared towards a specific target audience/niche (usually through blogs or videos) – this builds trust with that audience.

Let us continue with our above-mentioned bakery example of Mr. Tom by taking it to the next level. Tom wants to generate more revenue and scale his business by selling a course on how to make cakes and cookies at home, so to achieve that he planned to target people on the web who are searching for “bake at home recipes for cakes and cookies “.  Well, you might have a doubt why did Tom target that topic specifically, well it is the most searched topic on Google in his area related to his niche.

So, Tom started a blog with some awesome recipes, after few days, he started to get some good organic traffic to his blog. Now, Tom created a lead magnet and it contains a free eBook with 3 premium cake recipes. This is given to people in exchange for information. Thus, leads are generated. As he is generating more leads, his business brand also increases and generates more sales at the bakery.

To be honest, not every content you create gets attention. There is nothing wrong with it because only 20% of what you create is responsible for 80% of sales. You can get an idea about audiences needs and wants by looking at which kind of blog posts are going viral.


Content helps generate leads for your business because it engages the prospect or reader with interesting content, they will get benefit from in the future.  It also allows you to build trust with potential buyers before asking them for anything more than their email address or phone number. As well as giving you unique insights on what people want and need which can then be used to help design unique offers.