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CTA Secrets That Everyone Should Know!


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We all have been there. We have an amazing blog post, but when we reach out to our readers in the form of a (CTA) call-to-action, nobody seems interested in leaving their email or taking that desired action. The worst thing is that you just add more content on your blog and try again later.

Do you know why this happens?

The reason can be many, but I’ll give you two reasons why it might happen with your blog posts:

1) You are not selling properly – You are probably not selling yourself or what you are offering enough on your page. If your CTA doesn’t sound interesting enough, then people probably aren’t going to take any further actions.

2) Your writing skills suck – Some bloggers just aren’t good at writing and creating interesting posts. If this describes you, I can assist you.

I am going to show you how to make your CTA copywriting more powerful by using some very simple tricks I learnt from professional copywriters of the past. It will also help you with improving your writing skills too.

What Is A Call-To-Action (CTA)?

For anyone new here, a call-to-action (CTA) is simply an instruction that which says what the reader should do next on your page or blog post. You may have seen many ads saying “Subscribe Now” or “Get This Offer” etc. These are all examples of calls-to-action in action.

The best type of CTA copies usually get more leads, conversions and ultimately increase your blog traffic by a huge amount.

Why Are Call-To-Actions Important (CTA)?

“Visitors who do not click on an ecommerce call-to-action are deemed to have abandoned the entire buying process.”  

Don’t you think that’s interesting? You may have lost potential buyers just because your CTA did not catch their attention or was not attractive enough for them to take further actions. Even if they visit 10 other pages in between, they probably won’t return back again (even if you make some changes).

Creating A Great Copy For Your CTA But before we start there is one thing I need to tell you. This article is not about making a pretty call-to-action that you can place on your blog post and expect to get great results from it. That’s not going to happen.

I am going to teach you how to make your CTA copywriting more powerful by using some very simple tricks I learnt from professional copywriters of the past . You may or may not have heard about them, but this is master level stuff.

1) Make Your CTA More Powerful By Using Second Person Point Of View You probably already know what point of view means, but for those newbies, it basically means whether the writer speaks in first person (like “I” or “We”) or third person (“He/She” or “They”).

In most cases, blog posts are written from a third person point of view. This means you write how the blogger feels about a topic and even mention you as a reader at certain points.

All good copywriting is written persuasively with part of it directed towards readers i.e., second person point of view. Rather than stating “Get this free report,” try “You can get this free report today”. Even though your CTA copy will be a little longer, it will definitely have more persuasive power because you are speaking directly to your readers.

2) Add Curiosity In Your CTA Copy You may have heard from many sources that curiosity can help increase your CTR by as much as 1000%. It can actually help with increasing conversions on your CTA too.

One way of achieving this is by mentioning what the reader might miss out if they don’t take further actions. For example, “Don’t you want to know how I made my first $100 online?” or “Don’t you want to see me use this strategy right now?” etc. You can even mention that there are only limited spots available and then end your post with a CTA copy like this:

So if you're ready to turn copywriting from a boring chore into an exciting activity that will bring your business more leads and sales, simply enter your email address here

John-Paul Iwuoha