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Content Marketing Vs Content Writing


With an ever-increasing number of marketing tools available, the line between content marketing and content writing is becoming ever more blurry. In fact, they’re not even the same thing anymore.

What is Content Marketing?

It’s simply a form of advertising that focuses on providing educational or entertaining value to consumers in order to boost brand awareness. Content marketers create blogs, videos, and other forms of media to educate their target audiences about products or services. It can also be used as a way for brands to advertise themselves, especially if they are not well-known by the general public.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is more about helping a brand achieve its goals by providing quality content. Content writers write blogs, press releases, articles and other forms of content that are relevant to specific audiences. They write about topics that their readers will find helpful or entertaining.

So based on these definitions, content marketing is geared towards producing advertising material through blogs or other forms of media to promote a brand or product. Content writing aims to create interesting information for the target audience while constructing a brand’s identity in the process.

What’s the difference? 

Content marketing is more of a catch-all term, while content writing has a more specialized meaning. Companies tend to use them interchangeably, which can confuse customers and make it difficult for them to identify whether they are getting value from their investment. The confusion can be even further when marketers are looking for skilled writers but focus on the wrong aspects of content marketing and still facing problems or bad situations.

In order to distinguish between content marketing and content writing, it’s important to understand what each one is actually doing. Both of them combine elements of different business practices, like advertising and communication techniques. However, they also have distinct goals and methods that are not only different but also complementary.

Let’s take a look at the elements they have in common so you can see how accurately we can define them.

What do content marketing and content writing have in common?

You might think that a content writer (or copywriter) and a content marketer are one and the same thing, but actually, they take care of different parts of the process. The basic differences between being a great copywriter and a great marketer are outlined below.

Content marketing is an advertising technique that involves creating an online presence for your company through blogs, articles, social platforms, videos, eBooks or any other means that people use to read or watch material these days. The goal is to develop a relationship with potential customers, and then convert as many of them as possible into customers once they feel knowledgeable enough about your product.

Content writing, on the other hand, involves designing the actual written material that you use for content marketing. You want to keep readers interested enough that they will turn into leads. You also want to write in a way that will convince those leads that your company is the right choice for their needs.

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