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How effective are Facebook ads in generating actual sales in 2022?

How effective are Facebook ads in generating actual sales in 2022?

How effective are Facebook ads in generating actual sales?

We all know that Facebook has overtaken TV as the most popular way to advertise. But does it actually work? What about Facebook Ads effectiveness 2022? We dug deep into the data to answer these questions.

Facebook ads are big business. No secret there, but for many companies they can feel like hit or miss. For some, Facebook ads might just be feeling the pinch of low relevance caused by overuse, and for others collecting dust in their ad manager because they don’t know what to do with them or how to optimize them properly.

We recently dug into our data to find out how effective Facebook ads are at moving people to take action and make a purchase.

To do this, we conducted a large-scale survey among a sample of over 3,000 respondents who have purchased goods or services online in the last two years. We asked them about their recent advertising experiences across different media channels such as Google, Facebook and TV ads. We then analyzed how often they experienced different conversion actions following these ads such as visiting the website or making a purchase.

The result? We found that Facebook is the third most effective channel for delivering customers to your site and generating sales.

In our research, we found that Facebook was the third most effective channel for delivering customers to your site and generating sales.

Facebook ads are effective at a variety of conversion actions including purchase and lead generation. Following through on your Facebook ads can drive buyers to your site, even if they don’t end up buying right away. This is because you’ve got them on your side, and they have influence over the decision-making process. If you can help them make a purchase, they might open up to you more as a trusted advisor or refer you to their friends: making it easier for you to get next sales from them down the line.

How do you get more sales from Facebook ads?

If you’re looking for specific steps to take when targeting your ads, then the answer is pretty straightforward: be strategic. Targeting is one of the most important features of Facebook Ads because it allows you to pinpoint your audience so that they are specifically seeing your ads because they have an interest in what you have to offer. Below are four simple strategies that can help target your ad based on interests or behavior.

1. Create broad content targeting. If you’re going to target, you need to be able to pinpoint who your audience is. You can go about this two ways:

a. Create a broad interest list by creating a custom audience that includes everyone who is interested in your supported interest groups. If you have groups like “College Students,” “Hipsters,” and “Astronauts” then make your campaign include them all and be reasonably certain that it will be useful for the people you want to target.

b. Create a broad audience by creating a custom audience and including people who are interested in a broad term that you have chosen. This is also pretty simple to do and will work well if you’re trying to target your general interest groups or the people at large that seem to be interested in what you have to offer overall.

2. Target specific interests or behaviors. The big news here is that, with the recent implementation of Custom Audiences, you can now target specific interests within an interest group. Go ahead and create your custom audience from one of the main interest lists provided (like “College Students” or “Hipsters”) and tailor it specifically for whatever applies for your brand/product/service.

3. Use custom audiences to create the perfect audience. If you have a specific and unique audience that you’d like to target, chances are good that you can do it. Every campaign has a Custom Audience, so go ahead and create one and tailor it for your brand/product/service as above.

4. Target products/services with custom audiences. If you want to go after people who are buying something specific, then you can obviously just make your ad appear when one of their friends is viewing the product or service (which is where Custom Audiences come in handy).

Facebook’s been making some big moves recently to automate how campaigns are run and help users get more out of the platform. We’re seeing this in the form of industry-specific targeting options for industries such as retail, travel and ecommerce, as well as a streamlined set up process. We’re excited to see what influences this will have on the effectiveness of Facebook ads going forward. Click to see more on Facebook Ads Effectiveness in 2022.