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7 Important Reasons LinkedIn Marketing Worth it!


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If you’ve been debating whether or not LinkedIn marketing is worth it, we can assure you that it is. This post describes how to market with LinkedIn and highlights the benefits of using this social media site for marketing purposes.

I will write an entire blog post dedicated to LinkedIn marketing very soon. This post is meant to be a quick summary of everything we discussed.

LinkedIn marketing isn’t free, and it takes time to build a large user base. However, the benefits you get from it far outweigh the costs of membership.

Here are some of the reasons you should use LinkedIn for marketing:

1. Potential for client relations and business sales.

LinkedIn is a great place to make contact with potential clients looking for a new marketing agency. There are thousands of business owners, CEOs and owners who are constantly using the site to search for new marketing agencies.

You can also use LinkedIn as a resource for your customers, especially if you’re a small business customer. By posting solutions or resources that your customers might be interested in, you can increase the likelihood that they will see it on their newsfeeds.

2. Business development opportunities via LinkedIn Marketing.

LinkedIn is a great place for your business to increase its financial opportunities, especially if you’re a small business. It’s easy to post about a new product or new service that you offer for free and generate leads.

You can also be proactive about finding new clients by following people that are similar to people who have already hired your company. LinkedIn Marketing will allow you to stay on the minds of potential clients who may have previously ignored your business.

3. Business credibility promotion.

By creating quality content on LinkedIn, you can stand out from the crowd and give your company more credibility with potential clients and customers. This gives your business a competitive edge to potential clients and will help sales. LinkedIn Marketing helps to improve business credibility.

4. Engage with prospects and customers.

Create a public profile that can be viewed by everyone on your network, and you will be able to interact with potential clients via LinkedIn. This allows you to catch their attention and engage them about your business.

5. Everyday use for your business.

By having a LinkedIn profile in addition to your Twitter handle, name, website address, phone number, etc., you can have the same consistent branding across the web. 

This is important for newer companies who would consider hiring another marketing firm if they didn’t have consistency across all their marketing channels.

6. More exposure to your company.

For small businesses that are looking to increase their online presence, LinkedIn Marketing is an excellent outlet for gaining new customers and clients. 

7. Ability to interact with industry leaders.

LinkedIn is an excellent place to find industry experts in your niche. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, industry leaders will be using the site to post news, etc., about the area of expertise they have. 

If you get involved with this business community, you can make connections and communicate with people who may want your services or want to hire you for other projects down the line.

These are some of the benefits of using LinkedIn for marketing, but there are many more for you to discover. Take a look at how hospitals implement digital marketing strategies.

You’ll get more business and build a better reputation if you use LinkedIn in your marketing strategies. Just remember to be proactive and be mindful of the laws of your local area.

I hope this post was helpful! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below and I will reply as soon as I can.