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5 Powerful Hostinger Features that People Like!


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What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is a hosting company that provides multiple plans to use their servers on. They also provide email, website, and server management features. They offer web hosting packages for everyone from individuals and newbies starting out with home usage to business owners and larger companies who need scalability.

There are many benefits of using Hostinger such as lower prices than most other similar hosting companies, the availability of multiple plans no matter what your needs may be, and free email accounts with all hosting packages through Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocol. The only downside is that they do not offer OpenVZ virtualization software which some users prefer in some areas like gaming or high load websites use-cases.

Many hosting companies have been acquired by big firms recently, but Hostinger has managed to stay independent since its inception in 2004. Hostinger is based in China with its headquarters located in the city of Haikou which is on the southeastern shore of Hainan Island, China.

Hostinger was founded in 2004 by 11 engineers and business professionals who wanted to make it easier for small businesses around the world to outsource their IT needs. While that may sound stereotypical, they are also proud of their direct support for local communities that host them as well as helping students through education services. As a young company, they are constantly researching new technologies and ways to improve their brand image.

Hostinger offers standard and premium shared hosting with domain name registrations, SSL certificates and VoIP service. Now, Hostinger have 29 million users around the globe (nearly 178 countries)

Although Hostinger does not offer the ability to create your own virtual machines, they do provide a selection of applications that their customers can utilize including SSH, MySQL databases, PHP programming language, Joomla CMS system and WordPress CMS. 

One feature that Hostinger offers is their custom control panel which allows their users to install various software with just a few clicks of the mouse without requiring any prior knowledge of Linux at all.

Let us see some features of why people like Hostinger.

5 Features Why People Like Hostinger:

Lighting speed:

When the price is so low, it’s tempting to imagine you’re compromising quality. This is not the case with Hostinger.

In fact, they offer some of the best fastest speeds available for their pricing point.

Hostinger claims a server response time of 43 milliseconds on their website, which is excellent. But, you’d probably need a top-tier plan with relatively few resources.

You should expect loading times to be in the 300-400 milliseconds range on average in either case. Again, considering the price, this is still a fantastic deal.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee:

After taking Hostinger web hosting and you’re not happy, then you can get back your complete money within 30 days after signing up.

If you are looking for one of the finest, then this should be the very finest deal for you which means you are beneficially getting free hosting for 30 days.

This industry standard for web hosting guarantees 30 days. Most providers will give you at least this amount of time to alter your mind and receive a refund.

Hostinger’s 30-day money-back guarantee is adequate, however, it ‘s comparable to that of several other web providers.

Trustworthy Uptimes:

On the surface, low-cost web hosting services may appear appealing. However, if your uptime rates are minimal, it is not worth it to go this path.

Hostinger’s uptimes aren’t the finest in the market, but they’re also not the worst. Normally hostinger delivers a 99.9% uptime rate on an average per annum. 

In some months hostinger has a 99.04% uptime rate which has pulled their average downfall. But there are some months in which the uptime rate went through 100% on average.

If you are looking for a small personal website then your low minimal traffic, then 12-14 hours which is downtime will kill you. If you’ve had a business website, though, you will desire considerable charges.

Finally, Hostinger’s uptime rates are extremely good for smaller websites mostly.

Providing Website Builder & Free Domain:

One of the incredible features in hostinger is it provides a website builder and free domain which will help you to build your fresh website from scratch. A website builder helps a lot if you are facing a problem building your website.

Its drag-and-drop website builder makes it simple to build a website without requiring any programming skills or experience.

They also have a lot of amazing templates to use as a starting point.

To be honest, Hostinger’s website builder isn’t the finest in the market. But it’ll be perfect for a modest website. This feature should not be used to make or break your selection. 

However, for those of you who are simply seeking a low-cost web hosting service that provides an all-in-one solution, this is a significant advantage. Hostinger will take care of everything for you.

Live Support:

Consider that for a moment. Your bottom line will be impacted if your website has a problem and crashes. You need to be able to contact someone via phone or email as quickly as possible to assist you in resolving the issue.

If you’re using Hostinger to host a small personal blog, though, reaching out to a customer support agent right away may not be a high concern. It is, nevertheless, still considerable.

Whatever your situation, it’s comforting to know that Hostinger’s live chat is simple and quick.

I sent them a message asking for assistance to test it out, and they responded in less than a minute. I was very pleased with the customer service representative’s approach and phrasing. Their instructions were straightforward and simple to follow.

Moreover, Hostinger’s website contains knowledge base articles that provide self-help advice. If you decide to go with Hostinger, I recommend using those as a resource.

One disadvantage is that there is no 24-hour phone assistance. It’s sometimes easier to talk through a problem with someone than it is to type it out. For some of you, this may be a deal-breaker. Personally, I feel that live chat is fine.

Things that make you love in Hostinger:

The interface that is easy to use:

Even if you have no prior experience with web hosting or website management, the Hostinger administration panel is simple to use.

Everything is properly listed so you can locate what you’re looking for quickly.

You’ll also be able to access any installed software, such as WordPress, from here.

You may easily adjust your usage, upgrade your plan, change your domain, and update your email settings with Hostinger. You may also look at your usage data to check if the plan you’re on currently matches your website’s requirements.

While Hostinger’s User experience is simple, it is not without any flaws. 

Specialised Plans:

Hostinger has some amazing limitless solutions accessible.

Unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases, and email addresses are included in both the Premium and Business shared hosting plans.

That’s why I’d choose a higher-tiered package rather than the entry-level option. For a few extra dollars a month, I believe the unlimited and freebies are well worth it—especially if you plan on building up your business soon.

Note that “unlimited” means Hostinger will not charge you depending on the amount of bandwidth or storage you use. However, you can only use resources as part of the “regular operation of an individual or small business website” according to their terms and conditions.

Do you think Hostinger is a good choice for web hosting? 

Yes. Hostinger is a well-known brand in the industry, specialising in low-cost web hosting for small businesses. So, if you’re trying to save money on web hosting, Hostinger is a good option.

Despite the fact that Hostinger offers cloud and VPS hosting plans, I prefer their shared hosting options. This is their most well-known characteristic.

A modest website or personal blog will be more than satisfied with the Premium and Business shared plans.